1000 Piece Puzzles

Smoke & Petals


Buds + bud. Petals + pot. Anthuriums, orchids, and weed, oh my! Introducing a collaboration puzzle from Piecework and Broccoli — a magazine for cannabis lovers. Yes, the flowers are smoking: just like you, they’re savoring the experience. 

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    Random-cut pieces 

    Not suitable for children 

    Completed puzzle is 19.25 x 26.6 inches 

    Box is 8 x 10 x 1.8 inches 

    Thick stock and high-quality art paper 

    Board is 100% recycled paper 

    Photo by Carl Ostberg

    Smoke & Petals
    Background noise for a dreamy scene. Zone in and out of a lush world. Get lost in those pieces — that's the point, after all!