Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

Hi! Rachel and Jena here.

We started Piecework to help you find joy in your leisure time.

We hope you’ll join us in seeing just how much fun comes from working on a good puzzle — and beyond.

Puzzles to Spice Up Your Downtime

Piecework puzzles are designed to be worlds you can lose yourself in. Whether you’re looking to escape to the Italian coast, warm your hands après-ski, or to get lost in a bevy of florals, we have a jigsaw for every mood, day dream, and personality type. And don’t forget, we have a matching playlist for (almost) every puzzle.

An Italy-themed scene filled with puzzles and other gifts and goods, e.g. the La Dolce Vita puzzle, wine glasses, olive cocktail napkins, and farfalle barrettes

A Curated Marketplace of Gifts and Goods

The building out of our mini puzzle dramas — the sourcing of the props and ornaments and curios — is our favorite part of the job. We launched a marketplace of gifts and goods that pair perfectly with our jigsaws. We promise: you’ll never send another so-so gift again.

Founder Favorites

“I’m obsessed with ceramicist Isabel Halley’s Striped Showpiece Platter. It’s the perfect in-between size and — trust me — everything looks good on it.”


"Field Day is the best puzzle because of all the defined shapes and various colors. Pair it with an Arnold Palmer."


“The Gluggle Jug actually makes a ‘glug glug glug’ noise when in use. One of my go-to gifts for every kind of person in my life.”


"My sister made this diorama and my daughter loves Dino Discotheque. It's a dino party and everyone's invited."


"Our friend Banana Hands is arty and weird and I keep a framed print of him on my wall. 10/10 one of my favorites."


“These are super nostalgic; made by UK-based Original Duckhead, each umbrella is not only handmade, its canopy is also created entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Be gone, bodega umbrellas!”


"The New York Diner makes me crave a pastrami on rye every time I look at it!"


“I gave a pair of these super fun Sophie Lou Jacobsen cocktail glasses to one of my closest friends for her wedding and she loved them so much she cried.”

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