Box of Bagels
& Dozen Donuts

Two collections of bite-sized puzzles.

Delightful, over-the-top puzzles
for every mood, whim, and personality. 

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Most Loved Puzzles

Spooky and pretty? Ooh la la.

Basic Witch

500 pieces of double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Moonlight Sonata

Hints of moonlight dance on opalescent piano keys in this new 500-piecer.

The Piecework
Gift Shop is open.

Your one-stop shop for oh-so-special gifts.

1000 Piece Puzzles

Spaghetti Western

The Italy Edit

Want to be in Italy, but, somehow, you are not in Italy? Per favore, allow us to help!

Best Seller
1000 Piece Puzzles

Rise & Shine

The Brunch Edit

Pretty snack-adjacent items for breakfast, lunch, and beyond.

The Best Kids Gifts Ever

A treasure trove of the cutest, bestest, silliest presents for children.

1000 Piece Puzzles

Type A

Box for Bookworm, a 500-Piece Puzzle from Piecework Puzzles, placed in a stack of books with scattered puzzle pieces.
500 Piece Puzzles


The Smarty Pants Edit

The perfect supplies for your organized, over-achieving hearts.

Gifts for Serious Puzzlers

  • Foolproof gift.
  • Consider holiday shopping done and dusted.
  • Most giftable thing.
  • Your most stylish friend in puzzle form.

Music for Your
Puzzle-Lovin' Ears

A soundtrack for (almost) every puzzle.