Eugenia Kids

Days of the Week Hair Clips

Days of the Week Hair Clips

So cute you’ll squeal.


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These hairclips make me die a little inside — in the best way possible. I just can’t stand how perfect they are!

Made by Eugenia Kids, who started designing hairclips for her toddler, this day-of-the-week set covers a rainbow of sartorial options for kids and grownups alike. (I am not above wearing a day-of-the-week hair clip.)

If you can resist them, then gift them to someone who can’t. I promise you, they will squeal.



  • Set of 7 hair clips
  • Each made from cellulose acetate with cursive inlay and a gold alligator clip 
  • Made in United States
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.
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