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Say It Do It Game

Say It Do It Game

A truth or dare came to connect.


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A truth or dare game that helps you get to know ALL the players with reflective, playful questions and challenges. Each deck includes 52 cards, an instructions card, and a surprise card.

Get to know yourself and others on a deeper level with reflective and playful questions and challenges. 54 cards per deck: 26 “say its” and 26 “do its,” instructions and surprise card. “Say its” are truth cards and “Do its” are dare cards.

For adults and emotionally intelligent children. Play as long as your heart desires and go as deep as your emotional well can hold.


  • Dimensions: Length 3.5” x Width 2.5” x Height 0.85”
  • Coated deck, rounded corners, shrink wrapped
  • Cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.
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