Original Duckhead

Duck Umbrella

Duck Umbrella

A nostalgic and eco-friendly treat for a rainy day.



These are super nostalgic; made by UK-based Original Duckhead, each umbrella is not only handmade, its canopy is also created entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

We’ve gone through so many bodega umbrellas — these are sustainable not just because of the materials they’re made from, but because they’re built to last and be re-used time and time again. You might find yourself hoping for a bit of weather.

Rachel and Jena

What to Know:

  • Pfc Free Waterproof Coating
  • r.PET canopy made from 9 recycled plastic bottles
  • Sustainably sourced birch wood handle

Key Features:

  • Wind resistant
  • Automatic open button
  • High-strength steel frame


  • Made in China
  • Weight: 350g/12.34oz
  • Length: 35cm/14”
  • Cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.
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